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Film Review // First Ascent // Katrina Brown

Film Review // First Ascent // Katrina Brown

This is a charming film about someone going out for a walk topped of with a little scramble.  What’s really lovely is that the protagonist is only about 2 years old, yet still she manages to get kitted out and prepared all on her own, using a map to walk up a hill and experience the outdoors.

As a film the shots are all interesting and it’s a well planned story, which unfolds gradually and builds to the climax of the child achieving her goal of having lunch atop a large rock in the sunshine on her own, independently, despite her minimal years.

The music was well selected and complemented the mood of the film well, bringing the story along and making sure that the relative simplicity of the film doesn’t become boring.

In summary it is a feel good and heartening short film, which brings to the fore the basic tenet that going to ‘the outdoors’ can be as simple as going out of the door and heading along a nearby path.

This film went down very well at the Women in Mountain Adventure Film screenings and owing to our and others’ enjoyment of it, it received a commendation from Womenclimb in the Women in Mountain Adventure film competition.

Congratulations Katrina, actor, parents and crew

First Ascent

We hope to run the Women in Mountain Adventure film competition again, so please sign up to our newsletter if you have been inspired and we will notify you when the competition opens again.  In the meantime, get filming.

By Emily Pitts

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