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Film Review // Push It // Jen Randall

Film Review // Push It // Jen Randall

“Push it” by Jen Randall. 34 mins, Lightshed productions.

This is a short film about Jen’s dream of climbing El Cap in Yosemite.

It is very much a film that makes you feel good about women climbing and has a definite “girl power” feel to it.

Featuring among others Mina Leslie-Wujastyk and Natalie Berry it addresses things like skill, psyche and ambition. Several female climbers tell about pushing their limits, trying harder and enjoying climbing, with some great footage of girls in action.

Woven through these “chapters” is the progress Jen and her partner Jackie make in preparing for El Cap whilst they practice skills like hauling (“easy!”), aiding and getting fit.

Arriving in Yosemite Jen and Jackie find they are not particularly good at big wall climbing (possibly even the worst big wall team ever) and that hauling is really not easy at all…..

They are faced with failure before even getting onto El Cap. Will they do it and manage to fulfill their dream?

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By Charlotte G

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