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Rab Flex Leggings Review // By Charlie Low

Rab Flex Leggings Review // By Charlie Low

”  I have always been a big fan of leggings for climbing – super comfortable and stretchy, they enable extra high foot placements and stop you feeling restricted. “

Rab’s Flex Leggings are a perfect example of this, with their Spandex stretch fabric which helps you make even the most flexible of moves.

The Fit

I’m normally a size 6 in leggings and as a small 5″3, a lot of the time I find that even the smallest size in leggings are too long for me. This was the case with the Flex Leggings, however rolling them up a couple of times fixed this problem and actually looked better, in my opinion!

The leggings were slightly big around the waist, but this makes them incredibly comfortable, rather than tight. The wide waistband means that if you pig-out after a long session at the crag, they’ll stay comfortable. The wide waistband keeps them from riding down when worn under a harness.

Rolling up the Flex Leggings mean they fit well even when you’re as short as me! Photo: Dale Comley


The Flex Leggings have been an incredibly versatile pair of leggings that I’ve used while sport climbing, for indoor training sessions, and they hold up pretty well on trad chimneying too.

When they arrived they were actually a lot thicker than I thought they would be. I was worried this might mean that I would get pretty sweaty too quickly, but they’re made of a very breathable material, and the fact that they’re thicker means they’re a lot more durable. I wore them almost every day when I was in the Frankenjura. They kept me warm on the cooler evenings and were wicking enough that I didn’t get too hot climbing in them during the sunnier daytimes.

The Flex Leggings are super stretchy, so perfect for all those high heel-hooking moves. Photo: Charlie Low.


I decided to go for the somewhat ‘boring’ option of grey when I ordered the Flex Leggings, but this was because all my other clothes are so bright that I felt like I needed something a bit more toned down! It turned out this was a great idea, as it means I can wear them with everything. I’ve found they go particularly well with my Top Out Hoody (featured here), and the little flecks of blue in the colour make them a little more interesting than just plain grey.


The Flex Leggings are versatile; ideal for temperamental days when it’s sunny one minute and chilly the next. They are probably the most comfortable pair of leggings I own, and go with almost every top I have.  In the perfect world I’d love them to come one size smaller!

RRP: £48

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