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Film Review // Fran // by Jen Crook

Film Review // Fran // by Jen Crook

An insightful short film, which looks into the life of Fran Brown, powerful athlete and world paraclimbing champion.  The film focusses on how Fran went from being in a wheelchair through a spinal cord injury to becoming a climbing world champion, through to her aspirations for the future.  What is interesting is the voice over of Fran talking about what doesn’t work in her body, alongside visuals of the body she has trained into doing things that you wouldn’t imagine someone with in a wheelchair could do.  It turns around your beliefs and gives a sense of the possiblities, in climbing and in life.  The film is incredibly understated – calm and reflective in manner – it’s an incredibly powerful piece of filmmaking.

Congratulations to Jen Crook on winning second prize in our Women in Mountain Adventure film competition 2015 with the BMC, ShAFF and Sport is Beautiful.


We hope to run the Women in Mountain Adventure film competition again, so please sign up to our newsletter if you have been inspired and we will notify you when the competition opens again.  In the meantime, get filming.

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