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Film Review // From the Heart // by Ellie West

Film Review // From the Heart // by Ellie West

“Let nothing prevent you living that dream”

Alison O’Neill is a shepherdess like no other and this short film charts her thoughts and contemplations on life in the hills, being a woman and the inspiration that the landscape brings to her.  The visual imagery is stunning and her voiceover throughout the film takes us on the journey of her upbringing to her story of bringing up her daughter on her own as a shepherdess on a farm in the stunning Lake District.  

The execution of the film by Ellie West of Summit Fever Media is excellent.  Each element works well together and what comes across really powerfully is Alison’s message of adventure – that it is within us all in different ways and that we should strive to fulfil our own personal sense of adventure.  It’s clear that Alison has stepped out of stereotypes and walked her own path.  It is represented so positively in this film, that it provides a platform for people to consider their own position and entertain scope for further adventure in their own lives.

The film is incredibly heartwarming and enjoyable to watch, proving that you don’t have to have danger, destruction and desperation to make a compelling short film.

This film was submitted to the Women in Mountain Adventure Film Competition 2015.

From the Heart

We hope to run the Women in Mountain Adventure film competition again, so please sign up to our newsletter if you have been inspired and we will notify you when the competition opens again.  In the meantime, get filming.

By Emily Pitts

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