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Getting out in Winter: Stay safe

Getting out in Winter: Stay safe

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Mountain Rescue Services are staffed by volunteers. Stay safe in the hills using their download as a guide.  Read on to go to the download…

Winter is here. If you are considering learning new skills to make the most of Scottish winter, or perhaps just thinking of going out with friends or family over the winter weekends, there are many ways to enjoy the winter season. Here’s essential information from Mountain Rescue England & Wales about how to stay safe in during winter.

Whether you’re walking, climbing, running, cycling or skiing, mountains and moorland can be as treacherous as they are inspiring.  Many accidents occur towards the end of the day when both you and your phone are low on energy. But there are steps you can take to keep you and your party safe, and many of these are before you even leave home.

Download: Staying Safe in the Hills

Thanks to Mountain Rescue England & Wales for their top tips to stay safe this winter


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