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Women Inspiring Girls & Women

Women Inspiring Girls & Women

  • Are you a woman working in the climbing/ mountaineering/ outdoors industry?
  • Perhaps you’re a mountaineering instructor?
  • Or maybe you’re a garment technologist and engineer outdoor clothing?
  • Or maybe you do something else related to the industry?

Womenclimb has a Youtube Channel and we want to fill it with great short videos about women with jobs in the outdoors industry.  This is one way we feel we can help women and girls to see other people, who might be just like them, doing outdoors jobs.  Seeing role models is really important.

Please, be confident to come forward and contribute towards creating a resource that reflects the women of all ages who are working in the outdoors industry today.  Your short film could have an impact and change the course of a young woman’s life.

Career as a climbing instructor

What to do

  1. Make a 60-120 second film about yourself (guidelines below).
  2. Send us a link on Dropbox to your film: hello@womenclimb.co.uk or use www.wetransfer.com
  3. If you have time, email us 5-7 sentences about you, written in the 3rd person: submissions@womenclimb.co.uk

How to make your short film

What we’re looking for is simple, honest, short snapshots about you and your working life in the outdoors. It doesn’t have to be fancy – something on an iPhone that’s steady (on a mini-tripod is best) should work fine. We need to hear what you’re saying and see you, or the environment you’re in – anything else is a bonus. Get creative, if you want to, but it’s not mandatory!

If you need a script…

Here are some prompts to help you with your film:

  • Hello/ Hi there, I’m xxxxxxx and my job is/ I work as an XXXXX.
  • My job is xxxx (varied, practical, unpredictable – try to think of something that exemplifies what you do).
  • Describe a day, a week or a year in your job.  Every day is the same, every week is different?
  • The personal skills that I use most in my job are….
  • The other skills that I use most are….
  • The earnings in my job are…. The benefits in this job are….
  • The biggest challenge I face at the moment/ faced when I started/ face in my job is…..
  • I love my job, because…..

You can make your short film as long as you want, but they work best if they are under 2 minutes.

Send us your short videos today and let’s help inspire the next generation of outdoor instructors, coaches, technical advisers, route setters and the rest!

You can also help by submitting an Outdoor Career Job Profile, if video isn’t your thing ?

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