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How a positive mindset has improved my climbing

How a positive mindset has improved my climbing

Sometimes it’s hard to know how to stay positive in climbing and in life.  The power of social media brought us to Charli Dack and she’s written a blog post that we think will really resonate with you, our readers.  She’s left the best ’til last, so make sure you read all the way to the end.  

Just Say Yes, by Charli Dack

All year I’ve been watching the bouldering world cup and thinking ‘how do these ladies do it?’ Having such amazing confidence to go and climb in the spotlight in front of all those people! I’ve been bouldering for over a year and a half now and still get nervous at the thought of people watching me climb.

I’ve always been a quiet and shy person, often going out of my way to avoid social situations for fear of seeming awkward or not being able to hold a conversation. After some reflection this is turning out to be one of my biggest regrets, as I think of all the opportunities I have missed for no good reason other than lack of confidence.  There are a few things I’m doing that I’d like to share with you:

A ‘don’t say no’ policy

That’s partially why I’m writing this post, I’m trying out a ‘don’t say no’ policy and I have to say after day 1 it’s going well! I’m writing a blog post, I’ve taken loads of new learning opportunities at work and I’ve been climbing with a group of new people, but the biggest pay off was that I really enjoyed the day, and came home feeling more confident and excited about what new opportunities tomorrow might bring.

charli Dack say yes climbingA Journal with a Twist

Another project I have started is a Happy Journal, it’s something I heard about at a lecture as part of a training day. It was presented by this guy who was so full of energy and life; I came away feeling really inspired to change my mindset, stopping the negativity and trying to become a more positive thinker.  The Happy Journal is a simple idea which I’m finding really effective. I write down three little things that have made me smile or feel good that day. Admittedly they are mostly climbing related, but when I sit and look back over the week I think ‘oh yeah, I did that!’ and it instantly brings back that happy feeling and confidence boost.

A Jar of Achievements

I also have a Jar of Happiness which I use for the bigger achievements like passing exams or doing really well in a climbing comp. The only difference is that the jar can’t be opened until the end of the year, it’s like a look back over my most confident moments of 2016, reminding me of my achievements.

Charli Dack climbing positive

How is this changing me?

I’m starting to notice a change in my thought pattern, focusing more on the positive aspects of daily life, instead of stressing over silly little things. It’s having a really positive impact on my climbing too, I find that when I climb I’m completely focused on what I’m doing and not being distracted by life’s worries or what people think of my climbing skills. I’m hoping that if I carry on I’ll have enough confidence to try climbing outdoors!

Thanks to Charli for this brilliant and positive reflection on trying new things and using different strategies to be positive and enjoy climbing and life more.  Please, do leave us a comment.  Do you have strategies you use?  Are you going to try out Charli’s ideas (we are, at Womenclimb!)? How are they working?  Womenclimb is about sharing – share with the thousands of people in the Womenclimb community.  

Want to be part of the community?  Did you now we have two Facebook groups to help you connect with other women and build your confidence climbing:  Become part of it right now.

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