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How to Develop the Mindful Habit

How to Develop the Mindful Habit

Mindfulness has been shown to help athletes improve their head game and perform better. Sometimes, it’s easy to start, but not so easy to sustain a new habit, like mindfulness. Here are some tactics other people use to make mindfulness a habit:

Attach to a habit you already have

To make your new habit as easy to do as possible you can use what you already do to act as a trigger.


Top tip: Emily, Womenclimb CEO uses her chalk bag hand dip as a prompt to breathe – in for three, pause for three, out for five.

What habits do you already have? Brushing your teeth, combing your hair, making a cuppa. Can you tack on some mindful activity to one of these, or something else?

Set an Alarm

By setting yourself a dedicated time, whether that is first thing in the morning, at lunch or in the evening, you are giving yourself the time and space you deserve, to be more mindful and to achieve the benefits of mindfulness.

When would be a good time for you to set your alarm?

Change Your Environment

What are the best conditions for your mindfulness practise? Have a think about this, then set about creating that space in your home or life, so that when you come to do your mindfulness, everything is set up how you like it.

Where is the best space for you to practise?

Be Realistic

When you’re planning for incorporating mindfulness into your everyday life, make your plans realistic. Build on your success by starting small.  This 17 minute TED talk describes this perfectly. Make some time to watch this talk:

Strive for a streak

Perhaps sometimes you might miss a day.  Reward yourself by keeping track of your streak.

Top tip: Keep track by putting your streak calendar on your fridge. Every day, you can use it as a prompt to remind you to keep up your streak.


Tell yourself you’re awesome, do a dance, shout ‘bingo’ out loud.  The small reward will help you to change your behaviour and develop this new habit.

Good luck.

Do you have a tip for making a habit? Tell us about it in the comments and share what you know, to help others.

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