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Kailas 9a Trousers // Review

Kailas 9a Trousers // Review

I was pretty excited when www.holdbreaker.com approached me to do a review of the Kailas 9a trousers, as it meant that I could check out some technical kit from an unknown brand.  Unfortunately, my excitement turned to disappointment when they arrived and at first glance seemed to be sized for children.

However, stay with me here as this is not the end of the story!

Kailas 9a Sizing

It turns out that the Kailas 9a are made for an Asian market so the sizing is not as we would expect here in the UK.  I’m a UK size 12 (usually translates as medium), so this is what I’d ordered.  In the spirit of reviews, I squeezed myself into the mediums and, thanks to the stretchy fabric, did actually get into them.  There’s no visual evidence though as my mirror was only going to be witness to such a sight! Swapping them for a large size, I had a much better experience. Kailas 9a trouser review #3

The cut of the Kailas Pant

The trousers are slim cut, which is not my usual choice but on reflection great for climbing as I had good visibility of my feet (plus the legs stayed put when rolled up).  Incidentally, it’s worth mentioning that I’m 5’2” and thought the leg length was spot on, so worth checking if you’re much taller.

Kailas 9a trouser review #2

Do the Kailas work well for climbing…?

I loved the super stretchy material and the articulation around the knees, which together enabled ease of movement with no restriction.  The waist band is elastic and fits higher than I would normally wear.  However, again, I realised that this worked well for climbing as they fit nicely under my harness and there was no chance of them riding down as I climbed.

I thought the material performed well outside – my legs stayed warm on a cool breezy day and water beaded on the top when it drizzled.  They’re not waterproof, but it was good to see some water resistance and the fabric is quick-drying.Kailas 9a Pants review #1

What I think of the Kailas…..

Overall, I have to say that despite the shaky start, I did like the Kailas 9a trousers.  Not only did I find them to be a good technical trouser which I think will work equally well for climbing and walking, but there was also some funky embroidery which I loved.  It will be interesting to see how they perform in warmer conditions as the weather improves.

At £75.00, they’re not cheap and whilst they fall generally in the price bracket for specialist trousers, they are nudging the top end.  However, I still think they’re worth considering if you’re in the market for some technical trousers – just ensure you size up and double check the leg length.

Rating: 4/5 (due to sizing issues)

By Jacquie Budd

Jacquie is a freelance writer.  You can find all about her on her bio.  You can also check out her site, which has many lovely gems like this one.

Disclaimer:  This review was requested by www.holdbreaker.com in exchange for goods/payment.  However, as always, the review is 100% impartial and contains only my own thoughts/honest opinions.

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