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Kuhl Splash Roll Up Pant // Review

Kuhl Splash Roll Up Pant // Review

Kuhl pantBy Jacquie Budd // I recently came across Kuhl clothing and decided to look online for a pair of trousers.  Aware that I feel uncomfortable climbing and walking with anything which feels too tight across my midriff/hips, I looked specifically for a relaxed fit.  The Splash Roll-up Pant fit the bill and had good reviews.

The trousers are a mix of cotton, nylon and 3% spandex and feel quite a heavy trouser for warm weather in the summer months.  However, the flipside is that they feel a super durable trouser and I think they will really come into their own on cooler autumn days at the crag.

The fabric is advertised as quick dry but (unbelievably for the UK) I still have to find a rainy day to test this out (ssshhh!). 

If you like pockets, the Splash Roll-ups have them in abundance (no less than 8 pockets) and the articulated knees make them good for movement and climbing.

However, I am a little disappointed with the fit.  The rise may be a little short for me as they are slightly uncomfortable across the crotch area.  They tend to pull a little across the front and when you look at the online pictures you can see that they are often tight across the front in those too.  

The length is unfortunately the opposite and at just 5’2″ in height, I have to roll the trousers up to wear them full length.  When I use the snap closures on the roll-up, the length is then only just around the top of my ankles, which in my opinion defeats the object of roll-up trousers – although on the positive, this is the exact length that I generally roll trousers up to when I’m climbing so that I can see where to place my feet, which I guess makes them a perfect climbing trouser!

The Splash trousers have a “cold wash” instruction meaning that you can’t just throw them in with other outdoor gear on a standard wash.  Having experience shrinkage in the past when washing something at 30 degrees instead of “cold”, I’m not prepared to take the risk.

Overall, the Splash Roll-up’s feel like a durable trouser with a relaxed fit which is great for climbing.  If they had made a short leg length, I think I would feel more benevolent in rating them.  They are not a cheap trouser (£65) and for that price I would have preferred a slightly better fit across the front and a short leg option.  

Rating: 3.5/5

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