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Coaching, Instruction & Jobs

Some men prefer to be led by women.  Some women like to climb in same sex groups.  The beauty of climbing is the diversity of our community.  This page is about providing you the information you need if you want to find a climbing coach or climbing instructor.

We offer climbing instruction and courses at Womenclimb, but we know there are enough people who want a female instructor for us to share the love around.  Whilst we don’t give recommendations and you must always make your own informed decisions, websites with a * show that we have had personal contact with the organisations or woman leading that company, however we don’t endorse any companies.

UK Climbing Instruction & Coaching

Love to Climb – Katherine Schirrmacher * Peak District

Women Rock – Mandy Glanvil * Lake District

Freedom Outdoors – Louise Tully * North Wales

Vixon Climbing UK & Spain

Front Point Adventures Scotland

Alice Turner UK

Monster Climbs South West, UK & abroad

Expeditions & Climbing Abroad

All But Essential Travel

Inspiring Horizons

Get Qualified as an Instructor

BMC – Qualifications Explained

Mountain Training

Training Grants & Bursaries – Plas Y Brenin

BMC General Mountaineering Grants

BMG British Mountain Guides

Outdoor Jobs

Womens SportsNet Jobs

Institute for Outdoor Learning

Facebook: Freelance Outdoor Instructor Page

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