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Rest Day Reading

Wading through information on the internet can be a real drain, leaving you uninspired and lacking motivation. We’ve selected some interesting, thought provoking and even provocative articles to entertain and inspire you on your rest days.  If it’s an awesome book that you’re really wanting, then check out our climbing book review section to find a great book that fills your mind with excitement, reflection or adventure.

Change is the Only Constant

Climbing has a Gender Problem

Fat women are lazy

Being Deaf, Becoming a Climber

First World Problems for Female Rock Climbers

Rules of Life

How to Travel With No Money

Mountains, Crampons, Tears and Toasting 

Redefining ‘Ladylike’ 

The Jealousy Trap 

The Luxury of Being a Dirtbag

Travelling Alone

Women Need to Own it

Climbing, Yoga and Life

Mistakes Women Make when Trying to Change Their Bodies

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