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Training & Tips

Training the mind and the body is the key to successful climbing.  While women are said to have less confidence than men when lead climbing, it’s safe to say that there are a whole lot of women for whom confidence is no barrier and who are smashing out high grade climbs and pushing boundaries across climbing disciplines (think Shauna Coxsey, Lucy Creamer, Ashima Shiraishi).  Whatever your training need, we’ve found some useful resources to give you just what you need to take the next step in your physical or mental training, to become the best climber you can and achieve your goals.  Enjoy!

Women Specific

Girl Beta

Women Climbing

How do top climbers train?

‘Skinny Female Climbers’ article Dave Macleod

Rock Climbing Conditioning Exercises The Nest

Climbing Psychology

Smart Climbing

Climbing Psychology

Health and Nutrition

Rebecca Dent * Performance Dietician for Climbers (Article: Rebecca Dent, Climbing Nutritionist)

Onsight Nutrition

Canadian Kate

Authority Nutrition

General Training Resources

Boulder Venture

Breaking in my Shoes



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