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Film Review: ‘Liv along the way’

Film Review: ‘Liv along the way’


This short 24 minute Salomon film, shown as part of the Mountains on Stage Lineup, demonstrates the formidable strength of Liv Sansoz. Her aim is to climb all the summits in the Alps that are over 4000metres, of which there are a hearty 82, in around a year.

She had previously been a world champion in sports climbing and a very keen base jumper. The film documents her life before and during her achievement. In 2001, she had a tragic accident where she was dropped by her friend who was belaying her whilst sport climbing. This knocked her confidence but she does not let this stop her.

There are setbacks on the journey but it’s wonderful to see Liv’s optimism and drive, and some of the events that happen over the course of her life which make her question the reason behind her goal. You see her struggle through the early mornings, the cold, injuries, bad weather and the toll that a trip like this can have on someone mentally.

This film highlights the beauty of the mountains and the spirit of a woman who is constantly hungry for the next challenge in her life and genuinely living it to the full.  

Strongly recommended!

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