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Lovely Gwen Moffat Climbing Photographs

Lovely Gwen Moffat Climbing Photographs

As you may know Gwen is one of our heroes.  She is truly inspiring in her approach to life and climbing achievements.  She sent us some beautiful photographs of her climbing to share – an insight into a world of barefoot and nailed boot climbing, with hemp rope and no harnesses.  We hope they provide you with the inspiration they give us.  Thank you Gwen.

Climbing the Sentryman Gwen moffatt

Gwen Moffatt belaying Dave Thomas on Kern Knott’s Crack (VS 4b) in Cumbria.

Gwen barefoot and Dave in nailed boots.

Photo: an Engineer from Baghdad

Spiral Stairs Climb Gwen Moffatt

Gwen Moffatt on Spiral Stairs, Dinas Cromlech (D)

Photo: J R Less

Diocese Climb Gwen Moffatt

Gwen Moffat on the final stance of Diocese (VS 5a)

Photo: J R Lees

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