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1.5 Your Results

Learn about the categories in the questionnaire:


Mastery is a source of sport confidence that is derived from mastering or improving personal skills

Demonstration of Ability

Demonstration of Ability becomes a source of confidence when athletes show off their skills to others or demonstrate more ability than opponents

Physical and Mental Preparation

Physical & Mental Preparation involves feeling physically and mentally prepared with an optimal focus for performance

Physical Self-Presentation

Physical Self-Presentation is defined as athlete’s perceptions of their physical selves

Social Support

Social support involves perceiving social support from significant others in sport, such as coaches, family and teammates.

Coach’s Leadership

Coach’s Leadership is a source of confidence derived from believing in one’s coach’s skills in decision-making and leadership.

Vicarious Experience

Vicarious Experience involves gaining confidence from watching others such as teammates or friends, perform successfully.

Environmental Comfort

Environmental Comfort is a source of confidence that comes from feeling comfortable in a competitive environment such as a particular climbing centre, where a competition will occur.

Situational Favourability

Situational Favourability involves gaining confidence by feeling that the ‘(lucky) breaks’ of a situation are going in one’s favour (in climbing this might be that a route is set in a style that suits your preferences, for example).

Using these nine categories as our structure, we will focus each module on each category in turn.  You will get tasks to help you develop your confidence in each category.  You can work on every area, if you want to, but you must decide which ones are most important.  Our next module, before we get started on these nine modules, is all about goal setting.  This is where we will help you work out the specific things you want to work on during the programme.

Exercise: Feedback & Reflection // Duration: 15mins

Firstly, we’d love to hear your perspectives on the results of your SSCQ.  What did you find out?  Did you discover anything unexpected?  Leave your comments and have a discussion below.

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