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1.3 Your ‘Why’

Before you complete the remaining tasks in this module, this is a short reminder that we aren’t placing any value, good or bad on the answers you give.  We’re interested in learning and having a growth mindset.


Our motivations for taking part in any activity can have a large impact on our mindset and enjoyment of the activity.  Climbing is no different. With this activity, we will explore our own personal motivations.  Later on, as we progress through the training, we may revisit what we’ve learnt about ourselves.

Action: For this reason, from now on, when you’re asked to reflect on something, make a habit of writing about it in your journal or notebook.  Your notes and reflections can be in any format that works for you. Don’t let lack of time stop you from doing this important activity, which can really help you progress your confidence.  If you need to set 5 minutes per day aside, work out what time will be best.  Set yourself a timer or reminder, if you need to.

Exercise: Why do I climb? // Duration: 5-10mins

Why do you climb? What motivates you? Take some time to reflect on this question as honestly as you are able to.  You can use this activity as an opportunity to go climbing and to think about these questions, as you’re climbing. You may have more than one answer. Write about your reflections in your journal or notebook.

Exercise: What’s the impact? // Duration: 5-10mins

Think about the reasons that you climb. How might these reasons influence your confidence when you climb?

This is something that we may come back to in future modules, so this exercise is designed to get you started thinking about your motivations, so you can develop resilience as you move through the programme.

Exercise: What, So Far? // Duration: 5-10mins

Use your journal to write about what you’ve learnt about yourself so far in module 1. Write some comments in the box below about what you’ve learnt, if you feel comfortable to do so.