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10.1. What IS Situational Favourability?

Exercise: Watch the Video // Duration: 5 mins

Coping Strategies

Situational Favourability involves gaining confidence by feeling that the ‘(lucky) breaks’ of a situation are going in one’s favour.

The outcome of the situation will depend on our strategies for coping. in 1984, Lazarus & Folkman developed a theory that helps us to understand effective ways to deal with different types of problem depending on whether or not we have control over the stressor/ situation or not.

This is a simplified summary of their theory:

Exercise:  Favourable/Unfavourable? // Duration: 5 mins

Before we look at what strategies might be employed, think about the following question and leave your answer in the comment box:

What might make a climbing situation favourable or unfavourable:

a) to you

b) to other people

When you’re ready, move on.