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10.4. How I Cope

Learning to cope may be associated with self-awareness and the ability to reflect upon past coping episodes in order to learn from prior experience.

Source: Psychology.iresearch.net

This section of the training is focussed on you and your current coping strategies, after which we will move on to expanding your knowledge and use of different coping strategies.

Exercise:  Reflection // Duration: 5 mins

When things don’t go your way, or something unexpected arises, how do you cope?  

Think of 3 different situations where something has not gone the way you wanted.  Perhaps the weather was not quite how you wanted, or there were many more people nearby than you wanted.  For each example, you can either write in your journal or you can use to download as a prompt.  Use Trello to share your ideas and thoughts with the group. If you want a more active experience, go climbing and observe your coping mechanisms and strategies throughout your climbing session.

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