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10.6. My Personal Case Study

You’ve already considered some of the scenarios where you use coping strategies, and some of the strategies you use.  The final section of the module is about looking more closely at a single scenario, observing your coping strategies, bringing in new ideas and making a plan.

Exercise: My Case Study // Duration: 10 mins

Find somewhere quiet where you won’t be disturbed to do this task. First, think of a situation that you find yourself in, where you would like to make some change. Perhaps it is a situation that happens often or something that disrupts your climbing confidence. At the end of this exercise, you should have a sheet with a clear description of the before, during and after of the scenario you are thinking about.

In your journal or just on a piece of paper, use the STAR method to describe the situation in as much detail as you can.

STAR Method:





Act as an impartial observer, describing the facts of what happened in that situation.

Exercise: Impartial Adviser // Duration: 5-10 mins

For this follow-on exercise, you will be working on opening up ideas about different coping strategies that could be used in that scenario.

The aim of this exercise is for you:

To have a clear idea of whether problem-focussed or emotion-focussed strategies might work better for you in this scenario

To understand the variety of coping strategies that might be available to you, particularly ones you haven’t considered previously

You have two options.  You can either:

A) act as your own impartial adviser, imagining that this scenario is presented to you by a friend


B) present your scenario to others on the course via the Trello board and ask them to act as your impartial adviser

With the scenario in front of you, and referring back to the ideas generated in previous sections of this module, write a list of possible coping strategies that could be employed by the person in the scenario presented.  At this stage, this is not about making decisions or finding the ‘right’ strategies, but about exploring, so that you can find new patterns and ways of being, that are more productive for you in the future.

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