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10.9. Module Review

The purpose of this module was:

  • To learn about the concept of ‘Situational Favourability’
  • To learn about different types of coping strategy and their application
  • To understand how different conditions may affect climbers in different ways

Can you?

  • Describe the concept of situational favourability
  • Talk about the difference between problem-focussed and emotion-focussed coping strategies
  • Explain which types of strategies you might use in different situations depending on your level of control

Do you?

  • Have a plan to deal with a personal situation of difficulty, incorporating ideas from this unit?
  • Have a bank of coping strategies to try out and use?

If the answer is ‘yes’, great.  If not, you know that you can revisit this content at any time.  That doesn’t need to be now, but you should choose a time that works for you, so you can commit the levels you want, to make those changes to become more confident and in control of your climbing destiny.

We think it’s going well. If you think differently, let us know:

When you’ve completed the survey, you’ve finished the module!

It’s incredible!! You’ve completed Module 10. Only two more modules to go until we say adieu.  Great work.  

Where is the next module?

The course is being delivered in sections so that we don’t overwhelm you. You will get an email about module two in a few days from now when it will be unlocked for you. If you are revisiting the course, you may already have access to other modules or courses. To access these, to access bookmarks and update your profile please go to the main membership area.