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11.4. Options

Demonstration of Ability and Physical Self-Presentation are both factors which, to a greater or lesser degree, rely on the gaze of others to validate or boost our feelings of confidence. To be able to have impact in these two factors, we have some options:

1. Increase our opportunities to demonstrate our abilities to others

We can do this using some of the methods discussed:

Entering competitions

Joining a club

Setting up a group

2. Increase our satisfaction with our physical presentation

We can do this by:

Making efforts to be more body positive

Recognising the aspects of our bodies that are useful, strong or positive

Getting fitter

Eating healthier food

Living a healthier lifestyle

3. Build self-belief and self-confidence

We can do this by:

Positive Self-talk

Surrounding ourselves with positive people

Spending time with a mirror learning to like our body

Keep chimp in check

Here are some ideas for ways of boosting your confidence in the areas of demonstration of ability:

Exercise: Comment // Duration: 2-5mins

Have you tried any of these ways of boosting your confidence in these areas? Will you try any of these ideas out? Leave a comment below to discuss your thoughts.

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