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11.6. Module Review

This is the end of the module, which has focused on demonstration of ability and physical self-presentation.

Module aims and objectives

The purpose of this module was:

  • To learn about the concepts of ‘Demonstration of Ability’ and ‘Physical Self-Presentation’.
  • To learn about the impact the factors have on your climbing confidence
  • To learn about growth mindset in the context of these two factors

Do you:

  • Know more about the theories relating to the two factors?
  • Understand the options you have to boost your confidence in these areas?
  • Have a plan for what you will do to boost your confidence in these areas?

You can revisit this module at any time, to refresh your memory and learn more.

Well done. You’ve completed Module 11 and are only 1 module away from finishing the course.    

Where is the next module?

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