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2.4 Understanding Yourself

Well done on carrying out the Discovery exercise, asking friends about what helps them to achieve their goals.  Sports Scientists have been studying the fascinating area of goal setting in sport for many years.  Here are some of the things that they’ve found helps people to achieve their goals:

  • The right level of difficulty> Make your goals enough to be a challenge, but not too much that you will never achieve them.  Getting this balance can be hard, but we know that practise makes perfect. Now is the time to learn where you’ve made mistakes in the past, and to make mistakes now and improve your goal setting for the future.
  • Written down> Apparently this makes a BIG difference.  Later in the module, will help you with some formats to write down your goals.
  • Internalise> If someone else sets a goal, take it on as your own goal, or if that doesn’t work, set a goal for yourself, so that you have ownership of it and it becomes internalised.
  • Mixture of process, performance & outcome goals> We’ve discussed goal types.  It’s important to have a mixture of goals.  The process goals are the building blocks of achieving goals.  Without them, there is less focus and less chance of achieving your outcome goals.  
  • Specific> the more specific you are, the easier it is to know if you’ve achieved the goal.  It’s like getting in the car with a satnav and having the exact postcode of your destination.  
  • Time Constraints> We can be more focussed when we have a deadline.  Make sure each goal has a deadline. 
  • Monitored regularly> Keeping track means you know where you’re up to and what you need to do.  You can use a journal, a calendar, an electronic goals tracker or a piece of paper to keep track.  Create a routine that works for you, to keep track.  What works for you will be different for others. 
  • Team & individual goals> Sometimes working in a team can help build motivation.  Not so easy to do this with climbing, but perhaps you could keep a team challenge in mind for the future, if you don’t have one right now.

Exercise: Reflection // Duration: 10mins

Think of a time when you’ve set and achieved a goal:

  1. What was your goal?
  2. What did you do to achieve it?
  3. What can you learn from this?

Leave your response in the comments box. Read each others’ comments to find common ideas and share your ideas.