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2.5 Practice Setting Great Goals

Well done on working your way through to ‘Setting Yourself Brilliant Goals’.

If you’ve ever started something and then quickly got bored, it’s probably something to do with the type of goal you’ve set yourself.  Our brains are funny things; they want a challenge, but if the challenge is too difficult, we tend to give up, as we feel it is unachievable.  We use the mnemonic SMART to help us set useful goals, which we are more likely to achieve.

Here’s a reminder of the key elements of SMART goals and a short task to design some goals for a climber, Mahmuda.

Exercise: Mahmuda’s Goals // Duration: 20mins

Exercise: Mahmuda’s Goals

Scenario: Mahmuda is an indoor climber.  She’s been climbing for a year, usually going to the indoor wall/gym once or twice a week.  She climbs at around 6a on a top rope and has never done lead climbing. The reason she started climbing was to have a challenge, to get fit and to meet new people, in that order.  All of these things have plateaued. She’s losing motivation and getting bored.

Task: Set Mahmuda some goals.  Used what you’ve learnt so far about process and performance goals to guide your answers. Leave your answer in the comments section.