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2.6 Your Turn

You’ve been working hard to learn more about goal setting and practising using Mahmuda as a case study.  It’s time to move on to your personal and individual goals.

Exercise: 4-Step Mapping // Duration: 20-30mins

Use the following 4 step guide to explore and create your own goals.  To focus of this is to create the one or two main performance or outcome goals that you want to achieve.  On the next page we will explore the detail and practicalities of achieving the goal you’ve set.

*Please note that the formatting of the document is correct when you download and open it up in MS Word.

You can use this document or your journal – whichever works best for you, to work out your goals.  There is space in the word document for you to build up and add in more goals.

Using the comment box below, share your ideas, thoughts and conclusions about this task.