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2.7 The Extra 1%

We’re going to revisit goal setting shortly, but before we do, I’d like you watch this video featuring Dave Brailsford of British Cycling.  While you watch, consider how the two elements he discusses might be relevant to this programme of climbing confidence.

Exercise: Watch the Video: // Duration: 11mins

Exercise: CORE & YOU // Duration: 5mins

In this exercise you are going to be asked to scale yourself.  Use a scale of 0 to 10, where 0 is not at all and 10 is completely.  It is important to know that whatever your answers, you are free from judgement, because you are making the best choices for you, based on your own personal situation.

Read the following, answer the questions and leave a comment, if you feel comfortable:

C:   Commitment:  This is your chance to reflect on your level of commitment.  It’s a safe space to be honest with yourself.  When you’re ready, answer the questions in your journal: How committed are you to making changes and to doing things differently, even at times when you feel something may not work?

O:   Ownership:  You are free to speak about your ideas, thoughts and feelings honestly.  How ready are you to take ownership of your actions to achieving your climbing goals.

R:   Responsibility: We expect you to be honest about the course and how you’re feeling.  It’s one of the responsibilities you have, by being on the course.  How happy do you feel to have the responsibility for your progress?

E:   Excellence: You have the opportunity to achieve personal excellence.  This programme is about you.  What would personal excellence mean to you?

Exercise: Marginal Gains & You // Duration: 5 mins

What does ‘Marginal Gains’ mean to us, as climbers?  Write your answer, along with your responses from above, into the comments box.  When you’re ready, click next.