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2.8. Module Summary

At the end of every module in this programme, I will be asking for an update on your goals. Setting goals is one of a handful of activities that is critical to making progress. You can expect to be questioned about your goals, as a way of building accountability into your goal setting and improving your strategies, so they work for you.

Exercise: Goal Review // Duration: 10-30mins

Take the time that you need to look at the goal/s you created for yourself earlier on in the module. If you need a reminder of the elements of good goal setting, go back to previous pages.  Check your goal/s and review them to make sure you are happy with those goals. If possible try to include a goal that covers the duration of this programme, so that you have something to work towards while you’re here on programme.


The following are the things you should know from this module.  If you’re a bit hazy or unsure, go back and review the relevant sections, so that you can confidently move forward with s foundation of good goal setting.

When you’re confident, you’re ready to move on to the next module and to start working on more things to help you make the step by step progress to feel confident in your climbing.

Congratulations on completing module 2.

Did we do OK?  It’s your chance to tell us everything!

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The course is being delivered in sections so that we don’t overwhelm you. You will get an email about module two in a few days from now when it will be unlocked for you. If you are revisiting the course, you may already have access to other modules or courses. To access Modules, Bonus Content, Bookmarks and to update your profile please go to the main membership area.