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2.2 Types of Goals

There are three different goal types and it’s important to use a mixture of them to be successful in achieving goals.

Exercise: Goal Types // Duration: 10mins

Read the following presentation to find out more about the three goal types.

Exercise: Goals: Example // Duration: 10mins

In 2015, Kelly M came over to the UK to climb with Womenclimb.  When we put a call out to find real people’s climbing goals, these were the goals she described:


Climb El Cap in 3 days


Be able to jug a 50ft line in ‘x’ minutes


Spend 1 x hour, two times a week, jugging

Kelly’s Comments:

“For this particular outcome goal, you would have lots of performance goals (I only listed the jugging one here, but you’d have a performance goal related to leading on aid, hauling, building endurance, the routes you’d climb in Yosemite with time goals benchmarks) and for every performance goal, you’d have even more process goals.”

Exercise: Answer the Questions // Duration: 10mins

Answer the following questions in your journal.  If you sneak a peek at the comments, you’ll get an idea about other people’s answers, but before you do that, have a think independently about the questions, to formulate your own ideas and to assimilate the learning for yourself.

1:  Why might the outcome goal be out of Kelly’s control?

2: Why would Kelly set herself a time limit on her performance goal?

3: Is there anything missing from her goal setting?

Explain your answer in the comments box.