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2.0 Welcome to Module 2 – Great Goals

Congratulations on completing module 1.  We hope this has given you an overview of the course and started to get you thinking about your confidence.  You should have completed your self assessment and know the areas where you currently get your climbing confidence.

We hope you’re going to love this module, which is all about goal setting.  Whilst you might already know a lot about setting goals, we hope you can pick up some knowledge and tips during this module, to help you work towards that currently elusive climbing confidence.

Module Objective:

By the end of the module you should:

  • Understand the three different goal types
  • Understand what makes a goal easier to achieve
  • Be able to explain marginal gains and how it links to climbing
  • Have at least one written, well-defined goal

This module will cover the following topics:

  • The theory & evidence behind goal setting
  • The three different types of goal and how they differ
  • The key features of great goals
  • An introduction to marginal gains and how it relates to this programme
We cannot stress enough the important of this module.

Effective goal setting is the fundamental principle which underlies your whole progress through this training and beyond.  This module is mostly based in your head.  You will be thinking and developing your own goals, to take you to the success you want from this course.  By the end of the module you should have a goal of your own and a plan of how you’re going to work on it.  What’s great is that you can use each other to help refine your goals and make them the best they can be, for you, as an individual.  We can’t wait to hear and see your goals.  Let’s get going! >>>> Click next to start