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3.7 Out of Autopilot

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You’ve heard a bit there about the benefits of mindfulness:

  • Strengthens immune system
  • Reduction in chronic pain
  • Reduced rates of depression and anxiety
  • Reduced stress

The above possible outcomes can help you achieve your true potential in your climbing.  Let us direct our attention to the practices that allow us to harness the skills of meditation.

Exercise: The Raisin // Duration: 10 minutes

Explanation: Jon Kabat-Zinn, the creator of the mindfulness stress based programme in the western world, devised the Raisin Eating Exercise to give people a sensory experience of being mindful rather than just talking about it.

Purpose: The intention of the practice is to help us begin to recognise the tendency we all have to be on an autopilot mode and the effects that this might have on our lives.

What you’ll need for this exercise:  

  • A room that is quiet
  • 10 minutes to undertake the activity
  • A raisin
  • Earphones or a device to play the audio track
  • Access to the audio link to listen online or a download of the track

Raisin Exercise Audio: 

Raisin Exercise Download

On this page, right-click first, then click ‘download’.

When you’re ready, make yourself completely comfortable, give yourself the space to focus completely on this activity, and start the exercise.  

Once you have completed the raisin exercise, if you feel comfortable, use the comments boxes to share your direct experiences of this exercise. Then click next.