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4.0. Introduction

This module is all about your preparations and rituals for climbing.  In the next module, we will talk about physical training, so what we’re talking about here is the rituals and processes you undertake in the moments, hours, days and weeks before you climb.

Module Aims & Objectives

The purpose of this module is:

  • To understand your current routines and rituals
  • To understand the components of effective pre-climb rituals

By the end of the module you will have:

  • Planned out a pre-climb routine that works for you, including the steps to implement, test and refine your new routine

Exercise: My Preparations // Duration – 5 minutes

Excluding physical training, what are the top four things that you do before your climbing sessions to prepare or get yourself ready?  This could be on the day, the day before or even weeks before. Leave your answer in the comments box and look at other people’s answers to get more ideas about physical preparation. 

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