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4.2 Design & Refine

Complete the exercise, then summarise your findings in the comments box below.

Exercise 1: My Routine // Duration: 20 minutes (plus climb, if desired)

Using the template provided or in your journal, complete the exercise to explore your own pre-climbing rituals.  It might help for you to go climbing to identify unconscious rituals.

Instructions: Sketch out your pre-climb activities or rituals in words, notes or drawings using the following categories as the basis of your explorations.  Include inconsistencies, what works best, what you notice.

The month before

The week before

The day before

The night before

The morning

At the wall

At the crag

Exercise: The Rituals of Others // Duration: 5-10 mins

Read the article: Arcteryx – Rituals Blog Post

How do the rituals described in the article compare to your own experience?  Write a response in your journal.

Benefits of a Pre-Climb Ritual

There are evidenced benefits to developing a preparation ritual. Preparations before and after taking part in physical activity have been shown to help people to:

* Reduce the real risks

* Reduce the illusory fears

* Calm the mind

* Create positive feelings

* Make conscious & informed decisions

* Focus the mind in the moment

Leave a comment about what you’ve learnt about your own rituals and how it might impact you in your climbing.  When you’re finished, click next.