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4.3 What ARE Physical Preparations?

Now it’s time for us all to share our preparations.

Exercise: Physical Prep Sharing // Duration: 15mins

On Trello there is a new board with the title ‘Physical Preparation’ and a card ‘What are your physical preparations for climbing’.

1. Go to this board and review what’s already been added.

2. Then add in some of your own preparations.

3. You can tag others from the training in to the thread, if you’d like their ideas or comments.

We know that some people will have preparations that may seem in conflict with one another.  We are all different, so be confident to add in your ideas and thoughts, even if they seem at odds with other entries.  

When you’ve done this, leave a comment below to share if you’ve learnt anything new or gained new insight into ways you could change your preparation routines.

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