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4.5 My Physical Preparation Blueprint

Now that you have learnt more about the world of physical preparation, it’s time to work on your own plan to prepare yourself in the best way possible through the physical things you do in the days and weeks before you climb.  The aim of these preparations is to enable you to be more calm, more relaxed, with fewer worries and less anxiety. This will help you to be more confident and to focus more on being present when you climb.

Exercise: My Preparation // Duration 15mins

Print out the two downloads: ‘The World of Physical Preparation’ and ‘My Routine & Ritual’.

‘The World of Physical Preparation’, which we covered on the previous page, will help you to identify the elements that you think would be most useful for you to test out.

‘My Routine & Ritual’ will help you order your ideas into a plan to test out. You don’t have to fill every box.  Be confident to create your own unique plan for physical preparation that will give you optimal performance and confidence.

When you’ve done this, share your plan with the group and then click next.