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4.6 Test the Routine

So you have a plan for a routine to follow in the weeks, days and hours leading up to climbing.  Now it’s time to test out that routine to see how well it works.  

Exercise: Test the Routine // Duration – 15 mins, a climbing session, 15 mins

This exercise is in three parts. Before you start the exercise, work out when you will do each part.

Part 1: At home. Print out your routine plan. Find somewhere quiet where you will be undisturbed for at least 15 minutes and make yourself comfortable. Use your plan to visualise or imagine your way through each aspect of your routine. Part 2: At the wall/crag. Plan a climbing session and implement your planned routine. This is a chance for you to see what works, so keep your routine notes nearby and make notes about what works and also if something doesn’t work so well for you, or if it doesn’t quite work as expected. Part 3: Somewhere quiet. After the session, when it feels right for you, give yourself at least 15 minutes to review your notes from this exercise. Do this at a time where you are giving yourself space and time to really reflect and think.  The aim of this part of the exercise is to revise your plan.

Your Aim

By the end of the exercise, your routine plan should be revised.  Re-write it if you need to, so that you have a clear plan to test out again next time.  You can use this exercise over the coming weeks to further refine your physical preparation for climbing. 

How did it go?

When you’ve completed this exercise, it might be good for others to hear how you’ve got on and what was/ wasn’t successful for you.  Remember that seeing others achieve success can motivate us to be successful ourselves. By sharing, you’re contributing to the success of others on the programme.  

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