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4.7 Hypnosis

We’re really excited about this part of the module, because we’re being joined by Sharon Stiles.  Sharon is a qualified hypnotherapist who has created a bespoke hypnosis download exclusively for participants on this programme.  If you would like to know more about Sharon’s work, including how she has helped other people to change their lives for the better, you can visit her website.

Hypnotherapy Audio Downloads

This hypnotherapy download focusses on the outdoor trad climber. Climbers in other disciplines may also gain some benefit from the download. There are two versions – one with background music and one without. You can choose to download both or just one.

With background music: Download*: Climb with Confidence

Or click to play:

Without background music: Download*: Climb with Confidence-voiceonly

Or click to play:

*To Download: click the link below, then right click and select ‘Download Video’.  The file will download to your usual place. You can import into it into iTunes or other media player.

Exercise: Hypnotherapy // Duration 25 mins, plus climbing (optional)

Download and listen to the hypnotherapy download of your choice. Before you start, ensure that you are giving yourself the quiet and comfortable space to focus and relax.

When you finish, you may choose to go climbing, either on the same day or in the days after listening.  Whilst undertaking this exercise, cast your mind back to your seed and how it grows and develops.

Want More Hypnotherapy?

You can contact Sharon Stiles for further hypnotherapy sessions to work on making positive change in something personal to you. She can deliver sessions over Skype and in person. Her website gives you everything you need: Sharon Stiles. Sharon is an external provider.  You must always make your own judgment about the suitability of any external provider for your personal circumstances.  This link doesn’t act as a recommendation, simply another option for you to research and use at your own will. What we can say is that at Womenclimb, we have been really happy with the audio downloads and have found them to be personally effective.

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