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4.8 The Benefits of Routine

This module is all about routine.  Creating routines is important.  It helps us to save mental energy.  That energy can then be used for us to focus on the actual climbing rather than on ‘where I should put my cams on my harness today’ or which rope `I should take to the crag’.  The next short exercise is further information to consolidate our knowledge of the psychological evidence for developing your routines. 

Exercise: Read HBR // Duration – 10 mins

Read the extract and leave a comment below to give your opinion about this subject and what it could mean for you as climbers.

Harvard Business Review Extract

When you’ve completed this, click next, to take you through to your module 1-4 Review.  Well done on finishing the content for this module.  Your Module 1-4 Review is the last thing for you to tick off and then you’ve reached 1/3 of the way through the programme.  You’re doing great.