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5.2. Building the Habits YOU want

Making your ideas into reality can sometimes feel hard.  Today’s lesson is about how to make change in a practical way to build the habits that you want, rather than habits that just form from routine. It’s all about you taking control and being in charge.

Exercise: Watch // Duration: 17 minutes

Watch the Ted talk and think about how you can use this new learning to create the habits you want:

Exercise: Design your Habit // 15 minutes

Goal: To start and maintain a regular mindfulness practice (preferably daily).

To help you do this, use the guidelines below, to create your own mindfulness blueprint.  Write it down in your journal, so that you are clear what you will do when.  Then leave details of your personalised plan in the comments below to share your ideas and get support from the community.

I will do ………………………………………………

when I…………………………………………………

1. Attach to a habit you already have

Make this habit as easy to do as possible. You can use what you already do to help act as a trigger.

2. Set an alarm

By setting yourself a dedicated time, whether that is first thing in the morning, at lunch or in the evening, you are giving yourself the time and space you deserve, to be more mindful and to achieve the benefits of mindfulness,

3. Prepare your environment

What are the best conditions for your mindfulness practise? Have a think about this, then set about creating that space in your home or life, so that when you come to do your mindfulness, everything is set up how you like it.

4. Be realistic

Build on your success by starting small. How will you start your mindfulness journey?

5. Strive for a streak

Perhaps sometimes you might miss a day. To help you avoid missing days, reward yourself by keeping track of your streak A ‘streak’ is ‘how many consecutive days you carry out your new planned activity’. See if you can beat previous streaks.  Keep track on a chart on your phone or on a calendar stuck to your fridge at home.

6. Celebrate

Tell yourself you’re awesome, do a dance, shout ‘bingo’ out loud.  The small reward will help you to change your behaviour and develop this new habit.

Go you!  Time to move on to the next stage of mastery….. Click next.