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5.5. Watch the Masters

We are moving on now from what you’ve learnt about self efficacy to the physical aspects of mastery.


The ability to attain and apply skills to a great depth

Exercise: What do Climbers do? // Duration: 2 minutes

Grab your exercise book.  Set your timer to 2 minutes and answer this question:

Exercise: Climbing Observations // Duration: 20mins (plus climbing)

Go to the wall or crag. Take your notebook with you. This time, use your observation skills to identify the different things that a climber needs to be good at, to become attain mastery. Ask others at the wall if they can name 5 things that climbers need, to become a master of climbing. Make the longest list you can, and when you return, write your list into the comments field to share your learning.

To make the exercise even more effective, see if you can break down each skill or element into smaller parts.  For example, footwork can be broken down into many parts, placing right first time, quiet feet, foot swapping, accurate placements, and so on.

If you’d like to present a spider diagram to make your findings more visual or easy to understand, post it on Trello and tag everyone in the thread to share your finding. 

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