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5.8. I will Master…

The focus now is on your decision-making about what you want to master.

Exercise: Deliberate Practise // Duration: 5 minutes

Read the extract: http://jamesclear.com/beginners-guide-deliberate-practice

Why have we asked you to read this now? Leave your ideas in the comment box.

Optional Exercise: How to become great at just about anything // Duration: 51mins (Audio)

Exercise: Mastery Self-assessment // Duration: 15-45 minutes

This is a tool that you can use at your leisure now and in the future to assess your skills in climbing. Use the download to assess your skills and make a judgment on what one thing would be most advantageous for you to improve right now. Notice how I avoid saying ‘what would you like to improve’. Often the things we want to work on are the things we are good at, as we get positive feelings from achievement.  Sometimes we need to spend deliberate time on our areas of weakness, to become better overall.

PDF Download

Word Download

When you’ve completed the self-assessment, go to the Trello board entitled ‘Mastery’ and tell us what you’ve decided and why. If you want to keep your actions planned all together, add your new plans into your existing action planning document.

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