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5.9. Review

A massive well done to you. We’ve covered a LOT in this module. You’re working hard. You’re being pushed hard, because we know that learning and developing skills happen through working hard and challenging ourselves. This is important to bringing about change.

Now we will review where you’re up to, what you’ve learnt and what you want to plan into your climbing and everyday life.

What you did in this module:

  • Mindfulness Practice – finding what works for you
  • Building your Habit: your plan (when I ………….. I will………….)
  • Self-Efficacy Successful Performance: practical exercises, worksheets, plan
  • Components to Master
  • Deliberate Practise
  • Skills Self-assessment & Planning





Well done. You’ve completed Module 5.  

Where is the next module?

The course is being delivered in sections so that we don’t overwhelm you. You will get an email about module two in a few days from now when it will be unlocked for you. If you are revisiting the course, you may already have access to other modules or courses. To access these, to access bookmarks and update your profile please go to the main membership area.