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6.6. Mindful Reflections

This is a short module, so before we finish off and review this module, I want to ask you one question:

Building a solid and regular mindfulness practise is an important part of this course. We’ve introduced it gradually, as part of earlier modules and now we’d like to help you build mindfulness into a regular routine.

Case Study:

I wanted to do a more regular mindfulness practice, but couldn’t get into the habit, so after a few days I would stop and then feel guilty for not being able to keep it up. I already do so many things in my life, that this extra thing felt like such a burden, which was causing me more anxiety.

After watching the TED talk about developing habits, I made a plan to start doing mindfulness in a more manageable way. I started doing 3 minutes of mindfulness at the end of every gym session, with a timer on to help me know when to stop and to reduce my worry.  I find a corner, put my headphones on and sit for three minutes concentrating on breathing and being present.  I go to the gym 3 or 4 mornings per week, but now I want to find a way to build my mindfulness habit into every day.

Exercise: Three Stage Breathing Space // Duration: 7 mins

Go to the following page to find the Three Stage Breathing Space practice.  Find somewhere comfortable to undertake the practice, or save it for later, if you need to.  

Exercise: Where is your Mindfulness? // Duration: 10 mins

  • Where are you up to with your mindfulness practice?
  • Where do you want it to be?
  • What do you need to do?

Respond to these questions in the comments field below.  Concentrate on giving yourself the time you need to make realistic plans that work for you.  We are all different and need different things.

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