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7.6. What Are Your Actions?

For each module up to the end of the programme we will be checking in with you to see how you’re getting on with the actions you’ve decided to take since the start off the programme. These final modules are much smaller than the previous modules, which give us a chance to review your progress and assess any changes which you might want to make.

Exercise:  Goal  // Duration: 5 mins

Using the download, review the elements that you’ve decided to take forward from each module. If you haven’t written down your key take-away goal from each module, use the download to record them.  Remember that good goal setting is crucial to developing and becoming a better climber.  Time spent reviewing and honing this skill is an investment in yourself.

When you’ve complete this document, use the comments box to summarise what you’re taking and working on from each module. Describe each one, including why you chose this thing to work on, what your specific goal is for this element and your progress so far:

  • Module 2:  Goal Setting
  • Module 3:  Mental Preparation
  • Module 4:  Physical Preparation
  • Module 5:  Mastery
  • Module 6:  Vicarious Experiences
  • Module 7:  Social Support

Exercise: Rate my Plan // Duration: 5 mins

A) Using a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your goal setting and planning from the exercise above both before and after completing the exercise?  B) What would you need to do to take your rating one point higher? C) Do you want to do this?  If yes, make the changes to your plan and start to implement them.  If no, continue with your current plan.

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