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7.7. Review of Mindfulness

We introduced the idea of a regular mindfulness practice a little earlier in the training. For some people mindfulness can feel difficult and unrewarding.  We know that the evidence indicates that meditation can help us to mediate the feelings of anxiety, amongst other things, when taking part in sports, in this case, climbing.

Bonus activity: read the article: The Role of Mindfulness in Sport

Bonus activity: read the article: 10 tips for mindfulness

Exercise: How are you doing? // Duration: 5 mins

This is another checking-in exercise, to give you a space where you can discuss your experiences. We would love for you to share any top tips, or things that are working well for you.

Go to Trello to give an update on your progress.  if you’ve posted in the last module, give another update. If you have some tips or tricks that you think others might be able to use, go to the card Mindfulness Tips.

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