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7.8. The Antics of Chimp

Following on from the exercises looking at mindfulness, we’re looking at the work of Steve Peters, a highly successful consultant psychiatrist, who works closely with elite athletes to help them maximise their performance using psychological techniques. Watch the video:

Exercise: Knowing the Chimp // Duration: 17mins

Mindfulness is just one tool we can use to look after the chimp and keep her/him calm and relaxed.

What to remember about chimp…

Chimp is pretty primitive.

Chimp wants to protect you.

Chimp is driven by basic needs: survival, safety, shelter, food, sex, territory and so on.

Chimp is not rational.

Chimp makes snap decisions.

Chimp cannot be controlled, but can be managed.

When we think ‘these are not feelings I want to have’, it is usually chimp jumping in, before our rational brain has a chance to think and make a sensible, rational decision.

Exercise: Managing Chimp // Duration: 5mins plus climbing

Chimp is 5 times stronger than the rational brain.  So, what can we do to manage chimp more effectively? Watch the Video then go climbing and complete the tasks:

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