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8.4. Emotion & Problem focus

Exercise: Read the Extract // Duration 5 mins

Go to the article, which is an external source of information, for reference purposes: www.simplypsychology.org

Why this, why now?

This module is all about environmental comfort. There are times when we have control over our environment and there are times when we are unable to control our environment. The ability to understand our levels of control and to select the appropriate coping strategy is fundamental to our ability to cope well and flourish.

Exercise: The Wrong Strategy // Duration: 5 mins

This is a quick exercise to see what happens when we select the wrong strategy, to help us understand our own individual thinking and try to make better decisions in the future.

First, think of a time in climbing where the stressor has been out of your control and you used a strategy that didn’t work for you.  Use your new knowledge to identify how you would do things differently if this situation arose again in the future? Leave your comments in the box below.

When you’ve had time to think this through, reflect and comment, move on by clicking next.