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8.5. The Vision

So far we have looked at the theory, linked it to our past and thought about how might apply it in one situation.  Now we will look forward to apply this knowledge in a more systematic way to our climbing practice.

The Big Idea behind The Vision

We know how important goals setting is, to success. The following exercise is about creating a strong and powerful vision about how we want our environment to be, so that is optimal for our performance.  You’ve already reviewed what works for you, so now you will build a mental picture of your ideal. Once this has been done, you will know what tweaks and changes to make, to bring about the things that work well for you, in terms of environmental comfort.  Where you are unable to bring those things about, you will know exactly where to bring in your emotion-focussed strategies.

Exercise: The Vision // Duration: 15-30 minutes

Give yourself a quiet space with time, where you won’t be disturbed. Have plenty of paper and some pens. Write out your vision of an ideal environment for climbing at your best, with full confidence. Write every detail, include every aspect. Make your vision vivid and clear and crisp in your head.  Think about where, when, with whom, how. The act of writing is important. Resist the temptation to think without writing.

Would you like to share your vision? If you would, upload a scan or photo of your vision onto Trello. Or you can write some comments below about this process. 

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