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8.8. Module Review

Well done.  How was the module for you?  How much more do you know now, about how your environment affects you and how you can deal with it? Let’s review what you should have learnt:

Module Aims & Objectives

The purpose of this module was:

  • To understand the concept of environmental comfort
  • To have explored the different aspects of environmental comfort

You should now: 

  • Understand your personal preferences for environmental comfort
  • Understand which stressors affect you as an individual
  • Know two strategy types for dealing with stressors
  • Have one identified action to work on within the next seven days
  • Have checked in and reviewed the emotion-focussed strategies you learnt in previous modules

If you’re feeling a bit fuzzy about any of these things, you can go back and review it again. Hopefully you feel armed with the right amount of information to use the ideas in your climbing life.  Good luck putting this to use on the wall and at the crag.

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Well done. You’ve completed Module 8.  

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